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?And what is happening in Israel

ODI – Open Dialogue Israel is a non-profit organization that aims to modify and implement the Open dialogue approach in Israel. 

We offer basic foundation courses and introductory workshops, work to create a community that works and believes in the OD approach and also strive to promote an ideological change within the mental health system in Israel. 

Our goal is to establish a wide net of OD teams across Israel that will assist in the prevention of psychiatric hospitalizations and promote a systemic-dialogic treatment for those who suffer from a mental crisis. This net will operate from within the system with teams working in hospitals, various ambulatory services and rehabilitation organizations, alongside new independent teams.

?Open Dialogue: What is it exactly

Open Dialogue is an innovative, humanistic network-based approach to psychiatric care. In contrast to standard treatments for mental crises, Open Dialogue emphasizes listening to the stories rather than the symptoms and engages the social network from the very beginning, rather than relying solely on medication and hospitalization. Open Dialogue is both a theoretical/philosophical model of care and an actual system of care developed in “Karpudas” psychiatric hospital in western Lapland, Finland since the 1980’s.

In 2006, after some research publications, OD became known as an effective model within the scientific community. Today it is considered to be one of the most successful and cost-effective treatment methods in the world, treating psychotic episodes (Over 70% healing from first episode psychosis, which is more than two times better than the average outcomes). Over the past few years, OD has been implemented in many countries around the globe and is being practiced in the USA, UK, Ireland, Japan, Italy, Norway and more.

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